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  • Henry Rivero

Convergence is Inevitable, How You Approach It is Up to You

With advertising revenue forecasts painting a challenging environment for Traditional TV in the next couple of years and beyond, the writing on the wall (which arguably has been there for some time) is now as clear and obvious as it has ever been.

Big questions are being asked in media and tech boardrooms across the industry spectrum – fundamental questions being asked are

  • What is happening to the(ir) market

  • How are the(ir) market needs changing

  • Where are the gaps and opportunities

  • Who is best positioned, who is at risk

The market is clearly recognising the changes in viewing behaviour but finding it distinctly more difficult to adapt itself accordingly. The resulting picture is a bit messy, even at the macro level.

A further analysis into how market needs are changing as well as identification of gaps and opportunities can deliver differing perspectives depending on the market participant. But, one thing is certain, the competition for the audience and revenue is now happening on all screens.

To go into market positioning, it’s worth taking an honest look at one’s own capabilities and strategy as well as identification of choices to make for that next step.

The Media and Tech Landscape is Changing Fast. How You Approach It is Up to You. Riveroconsult is here to help!



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