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Henry Rivero

Henry Rivero, founder of Riveroconsult has 20+ years extensive experience in the TV & digital media industries having worked within the publisher and technology provider spaces. 

Across his senior leadership roles at RTL Group, Clypd, HbbTV Association and as a Consultant working within commercial, standards, strategy, technology and M&A initiatives with major media groups, broadcasters and technology providers, he has gained valuable insight into the majority of major media organisations as well as the technology players that help them deliver on the promise of Advanced TV in all its various forms.

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Chris Le May

20+ years of leadership experience in the digital media industry having worked across the publisher, agency and technology spaces in Europe & North America.


Consultant Advisor to major European media groups and broadcasters. Inc for the last 4yrs RTL and its numerous Broadcasters


Former founding CEO of EBX (European Broadcaster Exchange) a JV with ProSieben, TF1, C4  & Mediaset (Italy and Spain)


Former SVP and MD, EMEA and Emerging Markets at DataXu (acquired by Roku), where he worked closely with several broadcasters Inc: Sky, to support various initiatives such as Sky’s Advance product.

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